PUBG Mobile New ANGER POWER Mythic Spin – Lucky Card Perk Spin

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Get ahold of eight new Mythic Skins from the latest PUBG Mobile “Power” spin, Anger Power. The spin contains eight new mythics and seven legendaries in its prize pool. The Anger Power event spin will be available from October 22 – November 14, 2021. The first single draw made during the event costs 10 UC, with every subsequent draw costing 60 UC.

Get cheap UC from SEAGM to save on your next pull. 

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The mechanics of the draw are similar to the previous “Cyber Power” event, where players could use Lucky Cards to get bigger discounts and save UC on per spin.

Anger Power Spin Legendary and Mythic Prizes

Legendary Item Mythic Item
Mecha Reaper Scar-LMecha Reaper Cover
Spark Molotov CocktailMecha Reaper Set
Cosmic Probe - PanBound Empress Cover
Cosmic Probe - Helmet Bounds of Blood Set
Vampiric Touch ParachuteVampiric Touch Cover
Kegs Up Backpack Vampiric Touch Set
Occult Sorceress CrowbarOccult Sorceress Cover
Occult Sorcerer Set

How To Use Lucky Cards in the Anger Power Spin

To add to the convenience of the player, there are also Lucky Cards that can be used while pulling/drawing.  After 10 pulls, the Lucky Card will take effect. These Lucky Cards can have a range of benefits, from cheaper pulls to rebates on UC, boosted crate progression, and more. Players get one Lucky Card every 12 hours, though they can speed up the process by spending Boost Coins or Silver. Additionally, they can hold up to 100 cards at a time.

In terms of the pity system, players get to claim free Legendary rewards for every 100 pulls, and free Mythic Rewards for every 1000 pulls. Correspondingly, some Lucky Cards also add to the progression of the bonus crates. A common trait for the Lucky Cards is that each card will guarantee a free item. This means that you get a free item from the pool with each Lucky Card that takes effect.

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