PUBG Desert Map Miramar – Everything You Need To Know

by Sammy Chan
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After months of waiting and teasing, full details of PUBG desert map Miramar has finally been revealed. The new map, also known as Miramar, will be a complete opposite of Erangel. Instead of lush green fields, the desert is going to be harsh and unforgiving. With its unique terrain and dense urban areas, Miramar is looking to bring you an all new battle-royale experience. On top of that, a new map also means new landmarks, towns, weapons and vehicles.
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Landmarks and Towns

  • Los Leones
    Largest city in Miramar featuring lots of construction site, commercial buildings and a golden-hued City Center.
  • El Pozo
    Large industrial city with entertainment districts. There’s a death bowl to test your motorcycle skills in and potential pan fight in the Luchador Arena.
  • Monte Nuevo
    A run down town with ramshackle walls to provide cover as you find loot in its well-stocked compound.
  • Valle del Mar
    A colorful ocean-side town bisected by the De Toro bridge. There’s a school on the West side of the bridge and a church on the East.
  • La Cobreria
    Shipping and transport capitol of the region featuring an enormous Rail Yard. Hunt or be hunted among the half-buried cargo. The schools and campuses here will be full of supplies for players to loot.
  • San Martin
    Located west of Hacienda Del Patron, this small town has been turned into a war zone. Both sides of town have overlooks, use them to your advantage.
  • Pecado
    A tourist hot spot featuring a large casino and a mix of high-value loot. There’s also an arena and 4 story hotels.
  • Chumacera
    Once a thriving textile industrial zone, this area is now filled with abandoned factories. Several residential lot and commercial buildings are littered along the main road.


These weapons are exclusive to the Miramar.

  • Double-barrel sawed-off shotgun


  • Win94


  • R45 Revolver


The truck is a desert map exclusive but Aquarail is available for both Miramar and Erangel.

  • 4WD Truck
  • Aquarail

However, there’s no solid date yet as to when this is coming out. But, it was live on the test servers a few days ago. This means we might actually be getting it sooner than later.
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Images via PUBG Official Twitter.

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