PUBG Corp drops lawsuit against Epic Games

by Sammy Chan
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ developer and publisher, PUBG Corp drops lawsuit against Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. This is following the filing of the lawsuit against Epic Games for copyright infringement last month.
According to Bloomberg, a letter of withdrawal from PUBG Corp was sent to Epic Games on Monday, ending the dispute. However, there is currently no known reasons for withdrawal yet from the PUBG Corp’s law firm representatives.

How will the lawsuit drop affect PUBG Corp and Epic Games from now on?

As you may know, Epic Games owns Unreal Engine 4, the very same engine used by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. That doesn’t stop PUBG Corp from suing the creator of the game engine. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player base has been faltering since early this year due to the overwhelming popularity of Fortnite Battle Royale.

pubg withdraws lawsuit

Image via PUBG Corp.

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Adding insult to injury, existing players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds criticizes recently released Sanhok Event Pass. The reaction of the event pass has been mostly negative from the players, saying that the developers should concentrate on fixing the game’s issues first before organizing any sort of events. The existing players further commented that the event pass’ challenges are impossible to do and complete in the duration of the event, which is one month. The developers have since tweaked the challenges accordingly to accommodate players’ feedbacks.
It is worth noting however, the Chinese multinational conglomerate, Tencent has stakes in both PUBG Corp and Epic Games. Both companies currently own the biggest battle royale games in the world.
Do you think PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could bounce back as the king of battle royale? Dropping the lawsuit would mean a more healthy competition between the two companies. Innovation between two competing titles would always benefit the players, after all.

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