Pokemon Fans get Ultra Hyped for Launch Event

by Sammy Chan
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Over the weekend (18 – 19 November), The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon official launch event was held in Lot 10. The Magic Rain and Team Pika organized the launch event to celebrate the launch of the next installment in the main series Pokemon games.

Pokemon enthusiasts from all over flocked to Lot 10 to participate in the many activities and challenges, such as the LARP League and Pokken Tournament, in the hopes of winning some sweet Pokemon loot. Fans and gamers alike flooded the venue to share their love for Pokemon.
Couldn’t make it out for the launch event? Don’t sweat it, we’ll break it down for you and give you some insight into this event.
The day kicked off with the introduction of the beloved figurehead of the Pokemon franchise, Pikachu! Natasha (Tashabunny) of the eGG Network, ushered on The Pikachu mascot. Watching the chubby mascot waddle up to the stage made our hearts melt and made us giggle like a little child. Pokemon fans and passing shoppers could not miss their chance to take photos with the lovable ball of electricity.

Natasha chatting with Pikachu

Following this, Pokemon lovers from all over started flooding the venue to check out the many attractions available at the event. There was a little something for everyone there.

Live Action Role Play

Starting with the Live Action Role Play (LARP) League, where five people dressed up and role played as Kahunas for players to challenge. Each kahuna had their own unique Pokemon types, just like in the game. These consisted of Ghost, Fairy, Normal, Electric and Dragon types. According to Celestia, the LARP organizer, each Kahuna spent weeks preparing for the event to breed and train their perfect team of four. A random in-game Shiny Pokemon was awarded to those strong enough to defeat all five Kahunas. For those who had registered for the LARP before the event were gifted a perfect IV Eevee with its hidden ability and those who signed up on the day were gifted an Alolan Vulpix. “We hope to cultivate and attract people to get involved in the competitive scene of Pokemon through LARP.” said Celestia.

The Ghost Type Kahuna doing battle with a challenger

While walking around the event, we managed to catch up with the hosts, Aqlif, Ismat and Natasha. Aqlif and Ismat had been hosts for the last Pokemon launch event, we asked them how they felt being back to host another launch event. Aqlif explained “I love giving back to the community. Ever since I had joined the competitive Pokemon scene in 2012, it feels great that I finally get to give back to the community somehow.”
Ismat expressed that he felt honoured that he got to host another launch event for Pokemon. The beautiful Natasha, whilst not being a hardcore Pokemon fan, has played some of the games before and she adds that the launch event is very different from events she’s hosted in the past because of the sheer number of people in the community.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Ismat helping out Natasha learn how to play the TCG

Another activity that attendees could participate in was the ‘Trials’ challenge. Spread around the Lot 10 mall were five trials for people to find. The first trial was the simple task of learning to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). People of all ages sat down with event staff to learn the basic rules and mechanics of the game. The second trial consisted of Pokemon trivia, where participants only need answer three trivia questions accurately to advance. The third trial was a game of Pokemon Hangman. Participants were required to pick a Pokemon type then the trial master would pick a Pokemon of that type for the participant to guess. The fourth trial was a challenge to name as many Pokemon that start with a specific alphabet. The very last trial was to score three points in basketball, aptly named ‘Save the Hoopa!’. Those who completed all five trials were awarded with an awesome sack bag and a badge for their efforts.

Event staff teaching how to play the TCG

Attendees to the launch event were delighted to find the stall set up by Rukia Plush Heaven whom had brought a myriad of plushies ranging from RM25 to RM150. Everyone could be seen snuggling a Pokemon plush at the event. Rukia Plush Heaven were the official prize sponsors for the event.

Excited attendees and shoppers checking out the Rukia Plush Heaven stall

Impulse Gaming from the Sunway branch were there to distribute the pre-orders for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and also selling a variety of NDS games and Nintendo Switch games.

Actual copies of the game sold by Impulse Gaming

Pokken Tournament

One of the main attractions at the launch event was Pokken Tournament on the Nintendo Switch. The game was available for everyone to play on the two Nintendo Switch consoles provided by Gamesfusion. A competition for Pokken Tournament was held on the second day of the event. Big groups crowded around to cheer and holler as competitors battled each other fiercely with most battles ending with a ‘down to the wire’ result. A victor was crowned after several intense rounds. A proud Adri cheered as he rose from his seat and proceeded to fist bump his friends then hug his wife who was watching close by.

Adri celebrating his victory in the Pokken Tournament competition

People crowding round to watch intense Pokken Tournament battles.

Raffles, Pokepun and Origami

The Magic Rain had also set up a raffle for people to win some awesome prizes, ranging from card booster packs to plushies. There were two types of raffles, the Sun raffle at RM15 and the Moon raffle at RM30 per pull. In the Sun raffle, you would stand a chance to win booster packs, theme decks and the grand prizes being a Gengar plush and a large Ichiban Kuji Eevee. The Moon raffle brought greater prizes with a chance to win a Solgaleo or Lunala plush and even a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.

People checking out the Moon raffles

The Pokepun judges bursting into cringe laughter

The finalists chosen from Facebook for the Pokepun League showed up to deliver their Pokemon related puns. With puns such as ‘I’m sure to win this, so just ring the Victreebell.’ and ‘I love Russian Rowlet!’, even the esteemed judges could not resist cringing or bursting into pained laughter.
For some wholesome family fun, the Little League Colouring Contest brought kids from the ages 4 to 12 to show off their colouring prowess.

Children participating in the Little League Colouring Contest

The official tea sponsors, Oishi, had their Oishi Origami sessions to teach people how to fold their very own Pikachu. They were selling their refreshing teas for only RM1 during the event. Throughout the event, avid players of the Pokemon TCG broke out into battles, wielding their carefully crafted decks to determine who the best card slinger was. The highly anticipated event was made possible by Cards and Hobbies.

An origami Pikachu at the Oishi Origami Session

The TCG Tournament in full swing

We got to pull aside the event organizer and founder of The Magic Rain, CM Char, for a little chat. He says “We definitely did not expect this great of a turn out. It’s awesome to see so many of the fans out here in the name of Pokemon!” Char shared with us that The Magic Rain is a small start-up, founded a few months ago. Organizing such an event with The Pokemon Company is truly an honor. He hints at an EVEN bigger event that The Magic Rain will be organizing at the start of 2018, so stay tuned for that!
The event ended ceremoniously with a large group photo of the event organising team with several cosplayers. Great work, The Magic Rain and Team Pika!

The Magic Rain, Team Pika and cosplayers

The launch event was an awesome way for casual and die-hard Pokemon fans alike to celebrate the release of the final installment of Pokemon on the 3DS before it moves over to the Switch. We can’t wait for what the future of Pokemon has in store! Perhaps a Pokemon RPG on the Switch? Who knows.
Want to check out The Magic Rain? Visit their Facebook page and show them some love!

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