[FREE GAME] Get Payday 2 Free

by Sammy Chan
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Get on Steam and download Payday 2 for free then keep it in your library permanently, courtesy of a special gift from publisher Starbreeze Studio. They are giving away 5 million copies for free and the deal will expire on June 21 (or when it reaches 5 million downloads). On top of that, if you own Payday 2 on Steam you will also be receiving a free copy of Payday VR when it releases.

It’s Heist Time!

Today was supposed to be the release day for Payday 2: Ultimate Edition but due to some kinks, it has been delayed and all the add-ons for the game was removed from Steam to prepare for the debut of the Ultimate Edition that will cost $44.99 and includes all the game’s current plus future DLC.
Download Payday 2 here.

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