No credit card? No problem.

You can now pay with gift cards from: SUBWAY, CIRCLE K, CVS PHARMACY, BURGER KING and DOLLAR GENERAL for all your SEA Gamer Mall purchases:

– Digital Prepaid Game Codes and Credits
– Virtual Goods and Console Memberships Gift Cards
– CD-Keys and More

Benefits of Using Pay with Gift Cards

CONVENIENT: Load and reload cash to use online with gift cards.
SAFE: We will not ask for any personal or banking info to pay with gift card.
EASY: Shop and pay with gift cards securely via desktop, tablet or mobile.

How to use Gift Cards to Pay?

1. Purchase a gift card from one of these retailers below:
You can check for your nearest retailer by entering your zip code.

2. Once you’ve chosen your items to purchase, select the ‘Pay with Gift Cards’ button of your choice on our checkout page.


3. Enter your gift card details to redeem.
Openbucks Payment Page
That’s it! Now you can enjoy your game.


Learn More: Visit Openbucks

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