Overwatch Summer Games Skins Return

by Sammy Chan
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Overwatch Summer Games Event Is Back On 8 August!

It’s not the Olympics but its the next best thing. The Overwatch summer games are back from August 8 until August 29. Like all Overwatch Events, it is only for a limit time only, so it’s time to start grinding for those loot boxes! The update will include:

  • New Summer Games skins.
  • Return of the Lucioball game mode.
  • Return of original Summer Games skins.
  • Lucioball competitive mode.

If you don’t know what Lucioball is, it’s a 3 v 3 arcade game mode where you play as Lucio. The arena and goal of the game is similar to Rocket League (for obvious reasons) except you’ll be using Lucio’s abilities to try and score a goal. Some people hated the game mode, but some loved it.

This year, they’re making some changes to the rules of Lucioball. Now, Lucio cannot “boop” enemies with his soundwave ability so your only target should be the ball. His ultimate, instead of pulling the ball towards him now increases his character speed and power of his soundwave so the ball accelerates more when “booped”.
As for the competitive mode of Lucioball, I guess they’re really hyped for the FIFA World Cup next year? Regardless, Rocket League fans will love this update.
Unlike the previous summer games skins, you can buy the new ones with credits instead of having to rely on your luck. Of course, the new skins will cost more than the original summer games skins. According to the Blizzard, the prices will be as follows:

2017 Summer Games Cosmetic Items Cost:
Legendary Skins will cost 3,000 credits
Epic Skins will cost 750 credits
Rare tier will cost 225 credits
Common tier will cost 75 credits

2016 Summer Games Cosmetics Items Cost:
Legendary Skins will cost 1,000 credits
Epic Skins will cost 250 credits
Rare tier will cost 75 credits

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