Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Games Skins

by Yong Chi Winn
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The Summer Games Skins Are Here And They Are HOT

Overwatch released a video showcasing the new Summer Games skins and the world is going crazy over the new Widowmaker skin. So grab your flip flops because we’re going to the beach!

Tulum Sombra

Image via Youtube

Scuba Sombra looks wicked in her beautiful neon scuba diving suit. She even has a little oxygen tank strapped to her back!

Grillmaster: 76 

Image via usgamer

This confirmed that Soldier:76 is THE dad of the game. He’s decked out full barbeque gear with. FLIP FLOPS.

Biker Reaper

Image via Youtube

Of course, Reaper’s decked out in full body leather during the summer. Our favourite edgelord may just have outdone himself this time. I mean, the haunted eyes and the scarred helmet? Sheesh, Reaper, it’s summer!

LifeGuard McCree

Image via Youtube

This is the very first shirtless hottie skin in the game (excluding Doomfist because he’s naked by default). The sparse amounts of body hair just makes the skin that much more perfect. I think I need a lifeguard.

Winged Victory Mercy

Image via PCGamer

This may just be the most beautiful skin in the game. From her perfect little crown to the details on her staff. This skin is a MUST HAVE.

Cricket Junkrat

Image via Youtube

Cricket, a favourite Australian pastime. The rugged look of Junkrat really goes well with his uniform. And instead of being pelted with bombs, he’ll launches cricket balls at you. Explosive cricket balls.

Côte D’azur Widowmaker

Image via PCGamer

And I saved the best for last. Widowmaker’s hot body in a bikini! When she glares at you from behind her shades with her sniper rifle aimed at your head, she is the embodiment of perfection. This skin’s design of her rifle is by far the best in the game.
And that’s all the new skins of Summer Games 2017! Try your luck with some of the lootboxes and see what you get. Happy gaming!

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