Nintendo Switch Lite is joining the Switch family

by Sammy Chan
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Since 2018, Nintendo has been voicing out their plans to release two more version of the very successful Nintendo Switch. This includes a Nintendo Switch Pro and then a more affordable version. The latter was announced yesterday, its name – Nintendo Switch Lite. Let’s check out what the successor of Nintendo 3DS has to offer.

Release date and pricing

According to Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch Lite distinguishes itself apart from the Nintendo Switch as a “compact, lightweight, dedicated gaming device”. The company is aiming to release Switch Lite this year. To be specific, the handheld console will be on market come September 20, 2019.

Next up, let’s talk price. It’s $100 cheaper than the Switch, the Switch Lite will be $200. In Malaysian currency, that’s about ~RM 830. We’re guessing that it’ll be around the same price of a 3DS which is about ~RM 870.

Nintendo Switch Lite features

The biggest difference between the Switch and the Switch Lite is the dock. Switch Lite is a full on handheld console. You won’t be able to connect to a TV. Unlike the Switch, the Switch Lite Joy-Cons cannot be detached.

Since it’s smaller, the Switch Lite screen size is 5.5 inch with a 720p screen. It definitely feels lighter and more compact to carry around. In terms of how games look on screen, here’s what CNET has to say:

It’s slimmer, and the 5.5-inch screen makes the 720-pixel resolution look a bit sharper than the 6.2-inch Switch. But in some cases, it’s harder to read smaller text. on Nintendo Switch Lite is 200 and Colorful But Doesn’t Connect to TV

Here are some of its hardware features:

  • 32GB storage (microSD card slot available)
  • Volume button
  • Headphone jack
  • USB-C charging slot (charger is included)
  • Wi-Fi card built-in
  • NFC (near-field communication)
  • Supports extra controller connection

They are also boasting better battery life of up to 30%. Plus, it uses a more efficient processor and this allows for smaller heat vents on the top of the system.

Nintendo Switch Lite comes in 3 colors – Turquoise, Grey and Yellow. (Source: Nintendo)

Ultimately, if you really wanted a Switch and you can’t afford the dock version, the Switch Lite will be your go-to.

Nintendo has confirmed that it will support all software intended for Switch. Yes, if you really wanted to, you can play Just Dance on this. Doug Bowser, Nintendo’s CEO, sees the Switch Lite as an addition that compliments the family who already has a Switch. It’ll not be a competition to its predecessor.

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