New Fallout game teased by Bethesda

by Sammy Chan
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So Bethesda has been stirring up the storm when they went live on Twitch showing the iconic ‘Please Stand By’ screen. With a new Fallout game teased by Bethesda, the theories are already coming in at full force. The same image has been posted on their official Twitter account too. Vault Boy can be seen in front of a color TV in the stream initially but currently, he’s taking a nap. At the time where this article is being written, there are 75,042 people watching him nap.

Now, as much as I love a new Fallout game, there’s a voice at the back of my head that reminds me to keep my expectation low. It’s Bethesda after all and in last year’s E3, they pretty much just announce Switch ports. However, here’s an alternative if it’s not a brand new game.

What could it be?

There are already many theories floating around the internet as to what this could be. Some people guessing that it could be something to do with the Creation Club or a new Fallout Shelter. If that turns out to be the truth, it’ll be my worst nightmare. Now, let’s take a step away from the ledge. Bethesda, as we know, is really good at hyping up their fanbase and they have a good marketing team. There’s no way they’d risk the wrath of the keyboard warriors to hype this up so much only to poop out something small. So take a breather, there’s still hope. Many bets are on a Fallout 3 remake. Despite talks of Obsidian Entertainment joining the Fallout team, the studio went on their Twitter to make a rather sad but funny tweet on this matter.

At any rate, Bethesda definitely knows how to surprise be it a good or bad one. Now, all we can do is wait two more weeks for their E3 2018 show on June 10 or they could just play on their unpredictable trope and reveal it before the show. Who knows? So what do you want it to be? A new game or a Fallout 3 remake? Fans are saying the color display of the “Please Stand By” screen could indicate a new game set in New York since the color tv first appeared in New York. Share your theories with us in the comment section below!

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