Neopets Mobile App Brings Back Childhood Nostalgia

by Sammy Chan
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Neopets is the name of the game we’ve all heard of, and many of us has played. Those of us who have played will have a good idea on how addictive this game can be. Hours upon hours well spent (wasted) on earning those Neopoints to progress in the game. Now, we have the chance to go back because during the recent weekend at the San Diego Comic con, the creators of Neopets announced something special.

Neopets Legends and Letters Coming to Mobile

If you’re wondering what happened to Neopets, the site is still there. Only, it seems the lot of us has outgrown the game. Now that we’re all grown and we know better, it’s time we moved on from Neopets-
Because there’s going to be a Neopets mobile app. Neopets: Legends and Letters is a Neopets-themed puzzle/word game. Neopets CEO, David Lord, made the right move with moving Neopets to mobile.
Not only are mobile puzzle and word games extremely popular but with the booming mobile gaming community, the game is bound to be a big hit. Especially since Neopets already has a large following from people looking for that nostalgic high.
According to the announcement, the new Neopets game will be a mixture of “Neopets lore, puzzle game mechanic, and battles.” Sounds like an excellent combination to me. As of now, there’s still still no news on whether or not they’ll let us transfer our neopets data from our browser account to the mobile app.
But we do know that you’ll be allowed to customize and accessorize your Neopets, just like old times. And I don’t know about the rest of you but is anyone else hyped for new lore?
If you’re interested, you’ll be happy to learn that they’re planning to release the app this October. And yes, both iOS and Android users can play the game.

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