My Hero One's Justice trailer breakdown

by Sammy Chan
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Bandai Namco just released an 11-minute trailer for My Hero One’s Justice. If you are a fan of the anime My Hero Academia, then you most definitely want to check this game out. Get ready to play as your favorite hero and villain as they go head to head in this anime fighting game. Here’s a quick My Hero One’s Justice trailer breakdown.

The Quirky system

Based on the trailer, it seems like we are getting a wide roster of characters which, is fantastic. More is always better when it comes to a fighting game roster since everyone has their own favorite character from the anime. One of the most notable things about this game is the Quirks system. The trailer did a great job showing off several character’s Quirks in the trailer. For example, the Detroit Smash by Izuku Midoriya a.k.a Deku was a big signature finish!
Though we would like to also point out that the game will contain several spoilers for those following the anime. If you’re reading the manga already then you’re safe.

Screengrab via Bandai Namco


Another eye-catching feature of the game if the comic word interjection. This is different for every character – a pleasant surprise! For Deku, he gets SMAAAASSSHH!!, for obvious reasons, with his signature finisher being Detroit Smash. As for Bakugo’s explosion, they all go off with a BOOOOM!!!
I find it very interesting that when every character lands a hit, there is this comic-ish word injection which is different for each character. It is like every time Deku lands a hit, you are going to see the word SMAAAASSSHH!! Another example is Bakugo’s explosion is going to go off with BOOOOM!!!

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

From anime to game

Since the game is in a spot between the anime and manga, you might be surprised by certain aspects in the game if you’re solely watching the anime. As mentioned above, the game will definitely contain several spoilers if you’re not caught up with the manga. An easy example, based on the trailer, Momo Yaoyorozu plays a bigger role in the game thanks to her Quirk, Creation.
In the anime, Momo is seen creating non-living material via her exposed skin and she’s usually portrayed as a support. In the game, however, she has the ability to hold her own against the villains.

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

It’s also pretty entertaining to see the game referencing the anime. Like when Ochaco Uraraka uses her Quirk too much, she ends up vomiting. Another character with a funny Quirk drawback is Denki Kaminari. If you’re playing as Kaminari, spamming your Quirk will cause your brain to short-circuit. The character will then be rendered brain-dead (in the finisher cutscene).

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

Character List and trailer timestamps

My Hero One’s Justice will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on August 23 in Japan. Then on October 26, it will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC for North America and Europe.

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