Once again SKT emerge victorious as the Mid-Season Invitational comes to an end. With three of their members topping the KDA chart, it is no surprise to League of Legends fans that they once again hoist the trophy this year.
In their final best of five against G2 Esports, SKT had a clean start but lost a close game against G2 when the EU champions cleverly stole away Lee Sin, a champion that the SKT jungler has yet to lose a game on. In the following game SKT learned from their mistakes and first picked Lee Sin, allowing the SKT jungler to dominate the jungle with his usual aggressive playstyle.
Peanut also broke the MSI record of 10 Kills before 15 minutes during MSI. With his clean and entertaining performance against the Gigabyte Marines in the Group Stage, Peanut the managed to break the record at the 7 minute mark after taking down mid-laner Optimus.

While G2 Esports did not reign champions this year, their journey to the finals was no small feat. Though they were seen as the underdogs of the brackets, they proved to be worthy opponents in the finals. Some would say they had gone against all odds to win the best of 5 against the World Elites, reigniting fan faiths. When they stood against SKT, there were some who thought they would go 0-3 against the LCK champions, again they proved sceptics wrong with their near-flawless game 2 victory against SKT.

The MVP award for this year went to SKT’s support, Wolf, with his dominating performance throughout MSI, seemingly always at the right place at the right time. Despite not playing a team carrying role, the SKT support carried regardless.
Summer split starts next week and the road to Worlds begin and as much as I enjoy watching SKT beat up any team that dares to challenge them for their #1 spot, it’d be refreshing to see a worthy contender this year that could overthrow the Kings of the Rift.

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