MrBeast beats Pewdiepie for No.1 Individual YouTuber In The World

by Aly Damil
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MrBeast is now the No.1 Individual Youtuber In The World. Yes, you heard that right. A few days ago, MrBeast overtook Pewdiepie in the race of Youtube subscribers. MrBeast currently has 119 million subscribers and is growing by the day.

Although MrBeast is the number 4 most subscribed channel on Youtube, the three other Youtube channels above him are brand channels such as T-Series (music content from 🇮🇳India), Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes (education content from the 🇺🇸United States), and SET India (entertainment content from 🇮🇳India). It will take him a while before he can take down those giants, but we believe he can one day!

We from SEAGM would like to congratulate MrBeast for being an awesome Youtuber and creating many amazing videos. Pewdiepie also made a congratulatory video for MrBeast for surpassing his subscriber count in the most epic way possible- Doing a book review.

It’s either that or Pewdiepie was going to do Happy Wheels Part 200. He should’ve gone with happy Wheels Part 200. We agree.

MrBeast’s Most watched video – $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!

The Netflix sensation series Squid Game features a game for its 456 contestants to win vast amounts of money. The winner takes all. MrBeast decided to do a real-life Squid Game with the same amount of people in the series, and the winner will win a whopping $456,000 USD.

The 25 mins 41 seconds video garnered 318 million views and is the most viewed video on the MrBeast channel. If you haven’t watched it, here is the video:-

The video requires a lot of manpower, equipment, and, most importantly, MONEY. Some notable sponsors for this video are Brawl Stars, GoPro (supplying them with cameras), and SoKrispyMedia (helping with visuals).

Gotta admit the production of the video is insane. SoKrispyMedia has uploaded a video of how they made the MrBeast’s Squid Game in just 10 days. This includes pre-visualization, creation of the sets, VFX artists and sets, shot breakdown, and more.


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