Monster Hunter Stories releases on iOS and Android!

by Sammy Chan
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The fun and adorable Monster Hunter Stories is now available on the iOS and Android. The game does come at a hefty price of $19.99 but on the bright side – there are no in-app purchases or advertisements. That’s sort of a win. Plus if you have doubts on getting the game, Capcom does provide a demo version of the game for you to try out.

What is Monster Hunter Stories?

Monster Hunter Stories was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2016. Japan did have the mobile version late of 2017 and now finally the rest of us are getting the game.  Unlike any other Monster Hunter title, this one is has a more kid-friendly vibe with their cute character designs.
Gameplay wise, Monster Hunter Stories sets a different pace with its turn-based combat system and Pokemon-like monster catching. The fun part about collecting these monsters are, you get to ride them as well. The combat is easy enough to understand so it won’t be hard for newcomers to pick up the game.

Plus, this isn’t just a single-player game, the game also offers online multiplayer. Build your perfect team and go online with your friends or random players. Keep in mind, the multiplayer is only available for the paid version of the game.

What to expect in the mobile version?

The mobile version of Monster Hunter Stories has new features and improvements which are:

  • Beautiful high-resolution graphics
  • Improved UI (user interface)
  • Most important – a new auto-save feature

If you just can’t get enough of monster hunting, download the game now on your smartphone device – be it the iOS or Android, you can now hunt monsters on the go. While you are at it, check the promotional trailer for the game in the box above.

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