Mobile Star League: Week one day three MSL predictions

by Yong Chi Winn
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With the highly intense second day passing us by, we’re now on day three of Mobile Star League! After the matches from yesterday, we finally have our top four teams. Sitting at the top with four points and leading the standing is Malaysia’s AirAsia Saiyan. They stand undefeated, can EVOS take down the Saiyans today? Here are our day three MSL predictions.

MSL day three schedule

Image via Mobile Star League Facebook Page

Match One @ 8 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
Bigetron made a comeback on day two after their day one stumble. Sweeping both games against Team Solid Gaming, they seem to be more themselves. The Assassins also bounced back and net both matches for themselves too yesterday. Will Bigetron get stronger, to the standard we expected of them or will the Assassins stop their roll? We’ll be betting on that assassination!

Match Two @ 8:45 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
Despite coming in strong on day one, the boys from Singapore dropped both matches last night to MYA whereas IDNS TH also lost to the Saiyans. This match will be crucial for them both since it might be a deciding factor of who moves on to the next stage. It’s hard to predict who might win since they both looked really strong on day one. We’ll put our faith on IDNS TH though!

Match Three @ 9:30 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
This right here is the match of the day. Can the Indonesians take down the currently reigning champ? We’re going to say that the Saiyans will probably take both matches again. This is based on how EVOS dropped the second match to RRQ yesterday, calling for the first tie in the series.
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Match Four @ 10:15 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
So far, Team Solid Gaming hadn’t won a single game and the Rexes are looking pretty damn strong. You can tell these boys are serious after the way they came back and took match two against EVOS. RRQ will very likely win this one easily.

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