Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) New Hero: ATLAS. What are his skills?

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He’s here! He’s got a Mecha! He’s… an Octopus? It’s Mobile Legends:Bang Bang (MLBB) newest hero: Atlas! So what skills does he have?

Well before that, SEAGM is having a Mobile Legends Diamonds Giveaway happening right now! More info at the bottom. Now, let’s get to know our new hero a little better shall we?

MLBB’s latest hero has a “mysterious vibe”… until you realise it’s an Octopus. Not just any Octopus, a blue-ish one, that sits in the middle of a Mecha (somewhat like Iron Man’s Mark 1 suit) with a maroon-ish cape on it. And then Atlas starts to speak his lines with a low, aggressive tone, changing your entire perspective on the character entirely. 

Atlas is a Tank, with Initiator/Crowd Control Specialties. Pretty Durable, and pretty difficult as well. In terms of Passive Skills, he generates Frigid Breath around him each time he casts a skill, which slows down enemies in the area of effect longer than 1 second by 40%, though Frigid Breath can only be generated once in 3 seconds.

Now, let’s talk about his skills


Skill 1: Annihilate

Atlas smashes the ground and causes 3 explosions, dealing 250 (+70% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage for EACH explosion

Perfect Match

Skill 2: Perfect Match

Atlas Ejects from his Mecha, which increases his (Atlas) movement speed by 30%. The Mecha will continue following Atlas with an increasing Movement Speed. When the Mecha reaches Atlas, he will return to the Mecha, dealing 360 (+55% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby targets AND stunning them for 1 second.

NOTE: Atlas and his Mecha share the same HP Bar during this state, reducing damage received by 50%. If Atlas is ejected from his Mecha, and uses Annihilate (Skill 1), both himself and his MEcha will cast the skill.

Fatal Links

Ultimate: Fatal Links

Atlas hurls chains at all nearby heroes and starts charging. Enemies hit by the chains will be slowed down by 60% (decays in 3 seconds). USe again during charging, ATlas drags all targets toward him, then plonks them into a target place, dealing 300 (+200% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

In conclusion, Fatal Links is an extremely powerful Ultimate, especially in a team-fight when combined with the fast movement speed in the ejected state. By controlling all the enemy targets in the affected area and hurling them toward your teammates, this skill can create instant kills.

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