MLBB New Hero Xavier – Defier of Light

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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MLBB New Hero Xavier is the third hero to be introduced as a member of Forsaken Light.

Xavier was a glorious member of the Knights of Light, a force that rivaled the Light’s Order of the Moniyan Empire. Besides being the youngest Arbiter of Light, he was also known for his unusual quirks.

Also, he is the first hero whose voice lines contain when dealing damage, slaying a hero/Lord, using Recall, and purchasing equipment.

Even so, despite Xavier being marketed for having the first “Global-attack Skill”, there are preceding hero skills that fit the “Global-attack Skill” classification.

Also to mention, Xavier is a Mage hero with Damage/Guard type. This is a type of hero that has never existed in Mobile Legends.

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Infinite Extension
Infinite Extension is Xavier’s foremost damage tool. Xavier fires a magic bullet that damages enemies in a straight line. The bullet’s flying distance increases each time it hits a target.

Mystic Field
Mystic Field is a function that integrates pursuit, escapes, and crowd control. Xavier conjures a mystic barrier that slows enemies and speeds up allies. When hit by Xavier’s other skills, the barrier will expand into a Forbidden Field that immobilizes enemies within.

Dawning Light
Dawning Light is the first-ever global attack in mobile legends. Xavier unleashes a beam of mystic magic that damages all enemies in a line on the map, and directly enters the transcendence state.

Transcendence allows Xavier to scale steadily in battle. Each skill hit on enemy heroes grants Xavier a passive stack that enhances his subsequent skills. At max stacks, his next skill cast allows him to enter the Transcendence state, during which all his skills are enhanced to the maximum.

At the same time, if you haven’t watched the Belated Clash Xavier cinematic trailer and the Hero Spotlight from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, here it is.

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