MLBB Valentine’s Day 2023 skins.

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MLBB Valentine’s skins 2023 is here for Claude and Fanny! If you are single and with so much money and have no idea what to spend for Valentine’s don’t worry SEAGM got your back.

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MLBB Valentine’s Skins 2023

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and what better way to mark the occasion than by giving your favourite Mobile Legends characters some exciting new skins? The Valentine’s Day skins for Claude and Fanny this year are “Heart Aflame” for Claude and “Heart Afloat” for Fanny.

Skin for Claude

The ideal skin for Claude to display his fiery passion and risk-taking spirit is “Heart Aflame.” The skin has a striking red and orange colour scheme with detailed flame patterns that will inflame your opponents. To fit the mood of the skin, Claude’s skills have been revised, making him even more terrifying on the battlefield. “Heart Aflame” is essential for your collection, regardless of how experienced you are with the Claude style or how new you are to it.

Skin for Fanny

The lovely and peaceful skin “Heart Afloat” for Fanny perfectly depicts the sedate beauty of Valentine’s Day. The skin has water motifs that flow all over Fanny as she moves, with a gentle pink and blue colour scheme. Fanny is now much more graceful and lethal on the battlefield thanks to updates to her skills that go along with the skin’s theme. “Heart Afloat” is a must-have for your collection, whether you enjoy Fanny or just enjoy the idea of love and passion.


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In conclusion, make sure to get the “Heart Aflame” and “Heart Afloat” skins for Claude and Fanny if you want to inject some romance into your Mobile Legends experience. The ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and express your love for the game is with these skins. These skins are essential for any Mobile Legends enthusiast, regardless of your experience level or where you are in your playing career.

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