MLBB July Starlight & Sun “Simian Curse” Exclusive

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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Great news, MLBB July Starlight will be available very soon to all of you in July. Moonton is bringing in brand new exclusive skins every month for Starlight members, and this time it is for the hero “Sun”. Introducing the “Simian Curse” exclusive skin for Sun.


This is the more badass skin for Sun than the previous “Celestial Outlaw” released in Season 15. Similar to the Celestial Outlaw, the Simian Curse features Sun in blue skin than the original red. The hair color for Simian Curse is fiery yellow-orange-red color (According to order from hair tip) which almost resembles fire. Also to mention that the contrast between the fiery hair color and blue skin makes this an amazing-looking skin.

Accordingly, July Starlight members can also choose ONE (1) of the following past Starlight skin:-

  1. Chang’e’s “Strawberry Parfait” skin
  2. Aldous “The Insentient” skin
  3. Hayabusa “Biological Weapon” skin
  4. Lesley “Lethal Lady” skin



Sun, being an anthropomorphic monkey was supernaturally born from a rock, and had been extraordinary since the very beginning. Once, he was mercilessly pinned down under a mountain by the gods, unable to move even an inch. He watched time change and watched the world changed by time. Snow covered his body parts, which were exposed outside the mountain, but they could never freeze his heart, which was full of enthusiasm for freedom.

When the opportunity showed, he chanted the word “Freedom” loudly and broke down his imprisonment. Then, he looked up, laughed at the gods, and flew away.

Later, Sun returned to the Land of Dawn, to Cadia Riverlands, where he was born. In here, this stone-born monkey with a soul that could not be tied down would start his legend again.

The blood of monkeys will never die!



Perks of June Starlight is coming to an end

However, the coming of July Starlight also means that sadly the Starlight June is about to end in few more days. This includes the cute and heart-warming exclusive skin for Jawhead, the “Candy Bear”.

Exclusive rewards for June Starlight

Also to mention that you get to choose ONE (1) of the following past Starlight skin:-

  1. Lunox’s “Ash Blossom” skin
  2. Ling’s “Street Punk” skin
  3. Granger “Biosoldier” skin
  4. Silvanna “Pure Heroine” skin

Jawhead “Candy Bear” Exclusive skin

If you are a Jawhead main, you would not want to miss getting the Candy Bear exclusive skin with SEAGM!



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