MLBB Grand Collection – Benedetta “Death Oath”

by Aly Damil
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Introducing the first-ever MLBB Grand Collection series, the Death Oath skin for Benedetta. Yes, this is going to be the first of many Grand Collection series by game publishers Moonton for MLBB fans around the world.

This is available now until the 26th of July 2021 as it is a limited-time event. We are not sure if they make this available through other means in the future. To be safe than sorry, would be best if you get it NOW from SEAGM!

In the meantime, if you have not watched the official video of Benedetta’s Death Oath skin, check it out here:-





  1. Perform draws during the event for a chance to win items and skins from the prize pool, including a new COLLECTOR skin of the current event!
  2. You can select one from a certain number of skins for each skin quality level in the prize pool. At least 1 permanent skin can be obtained from the first 2 Super Rewards.
  3. If you draw a skin, it will be one of the skins you have selected.
  4. A default skin is preselected for each skin quality level. If you draw a skin without having selected any skin by yourself, it will be one of the preselected default skins.
  5. Tap “Draw 1X” to perform a draw. The first “Draw 1X” that you perform during the event cost 10 Diamonds.
  6. Afterwards, each following draw costs 10 more Diamonds than the previous draw.
  7. Every daily first draw will get 50% OFF its price.
  8. Token or Crystal of Aurora is identical to 1 Diamond in performing draws.
  9. Each prize in the prize pool can only be obtained once.
  10. Duplicate skins obtained from this event will be converted into Skin Fragments accordingly.
  11. When the event ends, unused event items will be removed. Please make sure to use them before they expire.
  12. The overall probability of drawing a special item from each “Draw 1X” is 16%.
  13. The probabilities of drawing Super Rewards (from lower quality to higher) are as follows: 40%, 30%, 20%, 5%, 4%, 1%, respectively.
  14. There’s a chance to reset all the rewards once after the highest-quality Super Reward is drawn.





  • Death Oath (Benedetta)
    Rakshesha (Hanabi)
    Child Of The Fall (Alucard)



  • Midnight Raven (Natalia)
    Cherry Witch (Kagura)
    Dangerous Liaison (Gusion)



  • Decapitator (Moskov)
    Honor (Miya)
    Bladed Mantis (Karrie)



  • Mighty Guardian (Gatotkaca)
    Savannah Cat (Harith)
    Exoracial Executer (Helcurt)


Super Prize 5

  • Battle Emote – Come & Hit Me! x 1
    Grand Collection Lucky Bundle x 1
    Large Horn x 8
    Magic Dust x 150
    Ticket x 150


Super Prize 6

  • Frame – 2019 Summer Festival Claude x 1
    Grand Collection Lucky Bundle x 1
    Large Horn x 8
    Magic Dust x 150
    Ticket x 150


Blood Oath – Super Prize




  • Benedetta x 1
  • Ticket x 10
  • Rare Skin Fragment (2-10)
  • Hero Fragment (1-2)
  • Double BP Card: 1 Day
  • Double BP Card: 3 Day
  • Physical Emblem Fragment (10-25)
  • Assassin Emblem Fragment (10-120)
  • Fighter Emblem Fragment (30-120)
  • Magic Dust (50-200)


Blood Oath – Normal Prize




  1. Every task is required to be completed under specified conditions.
  2. Each task reward can be claimed once only.
  3. Please remember to claim all rewards before the event ends.
  4. Points obtained from tasks can be exchanged for Tokens.
  5. Points can be exchanged for a limited number of rewards only.
  6. You can send a request to friends to get a chance of participating in a mini-game.
  7. You can play the mini-game by tapping to eliminate the special packs at the bottom. 1 point will be granted for each special pack eliminated.
  8. You can play the mini-game a limited number of times. Only a limited number of Points are obtainable from the mini-game.

Finally, Points and Tokens will be removed automatically when the event ends. Please make sure to spend them, or all the Points and Tokens you have accumulated will be wasted.



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