Minecraft Legends, Coming Out On 18 April

by Bradley Tan
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If you’re a Minecraft fan, chances are you’ve already heard of Minecraft Legends. However, for the uninitiated, there’s a brand new Minecraft game coming out on 18 April.

What is it?

Minecraft Legends delves into the rich lore of Minecraft, inviting players to unravel a host of mysteries that lie within. As the leader of your allies, you must wage battle against the villainous piglins and defend the Overworld from their nefarious schemes.

This game combines the familiar survival elements of the series with real-time strategy gameplay, taking players on an epic adventure across a range of both new and recognizable biomes within the Minecraft universe. The primary gameplay loop has you traversing biomes on horseback, gathering resources, supporting your allies, battling hostile piglins, and constructing your own custom base of operations.

Check out the trailers for more info

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