MediEvil Demo Now Available on PS4

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Get ready to have a slashing-good time in the new MediEvil Demo!

MediEvil 2019 has dropped a new teaser trailer for the now available “MediEvil – Short Lived” Demo. In a pleasant turn of events, Sir Daniel Fortesque makes a graphically upgraded appearance during Sony’s recent “State of Play” presentation. This time, he goes up against several enemies with a variety of melee and ranged weapons to promote the now available MediEvil demo. This latest trailer primarily teases more gameplay mechanics available in the MediEvil demo.

medievil demo
Source: PlayStation Blog

Play the Demo for an In-Game Bonus!

The demo is currently available for download on PlayStation 4, and will remain available until October 6. In addition to reminiscing their memories from 1998, players can search for the in-game item “Sir Dan’s Helmet”. Players that successfully discover the item in the demo will additionally be able to claim the item in the full game when it releases on October 25, 2019. Internet connection is required to redeem said item.

Tried the demo and can’t wait for the full game? PlayStation are generally pre-loadable onto your PlayStation 4 system if purchased digitally (depending on the publishers and developer). You can get your trusted source for PlayStation Wallet from SEAGM.

*Note, the demo is currently unavailable in the SEA region PS Store. SEA users may, however, directly download in-game item “Sir Dan’s Helmet” from the PS Store.

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