Logan Paul Streaming Fortnite On Twitch Now?

by Sammy Chan
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As most of us know, Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, recently hit a new Twitch milestone with 3 million followers. Making him the biggest solo channel on Twitch. He mainly streams the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite and his gameplay clips have caught the attention of popular rapper, Drake, who is also a fan of the game.
The duo played a few games together and Ninja streamed it, thus breaking the record for most views on a solo-channel at 600,000. Now that it’s all over the internet that Drake plays Fortnite, Logan Paul wants in on the action too.

“I want to play Fortnite with Drake too!”

Logan Paul Spends $6000 On His Gaming PC

The YouTuber didn’t waste time hopping on to the bandwagon. He’s already been removed by YouTube as a preferred ad partner. Twitch is currently the biggest streaming platform but it’s not just for gamers. People have used it for IRL streams as well so it’s somewhat similar to vlogging, but live. So it was really only a matter of time before he came to us.
He plays off as seemingly reluctant to get into gaming in the video stating that “It could completely destroy him” because he was once wildly addicted to the classic MMORPG World of Warcraft back in 7th Grade. However, he backtracks, saying “… or I could make millions and millions of dollars”
Popular streams like Ninja make up to half a million dollars a month through sponsors, viewer donations, and monthly subscriptions. However, in order to do so, streamers usually have a relatively high skill level or an interesting personality at least. Logan Paul is definitely interesting… but his skills, we have yet to see. We’re still not entirely sure if his personality is the right kind of interesting either.
To add salt to our wounds, he also spent $6,000 on some of the best PC parts. Just like that. To reiterate, he’s mentioned that he’s still not entirely sure if he’ll like the game. So for all we know, that $6000 PC isn’t ever going to see its full potential. A rather upsetting thought for us gamers… but what do you think?
Given that Twitch has plans to change a few community rules for their service to make it a more professional platform. Knowing his impulsive tendency, Logan Paul may get himself banned before we even realize.

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