Here's everything we picked up in the Leaked Harry Potter Game Footage

by Sammy Chan
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Yesterday, Reddit user posted an unlisted YouTube video that contained off-screen footage of what looks to be a new Harry Potter game. The footage showed of a game with decent graphics, action-adventure gameplay mechanics as well as character customization. There is plenty to look at, albeit being only a minute and 12 seconds long. The trailer kicks off with a grand display of Hogwarts’ student-populated grand hall. We know it’s Hogwarts because, well, we’ve seen eight movies and Hogwarts makes an appearance in all of them. You can further confirm this by looking at the emblem. Let’s go into more detail with the footage of the leaked Harry Potter game.
The Reddit post suggests that it is Rocksteady’s rumored in-development game. In 2016, Rocksteady’s creative director, Stefton Hill confirmed that the studio was working on a new project. By how rough the trailer looks, with it’s incomplete menus and lack of meticulous detail, it’s safe to say that it does in fact look like a two-year-old project made by 164 people. Take a look at the customization menu, they haven’t even decided on a font yet. This is completely fine, as great games take four years on average to be developed.

harry potter game

The cropped off menu seems to show off only two genders. Maybe they’ll patch it in an update

Character Customization

Referring to the last screenshot, you can see that there are several sub-menus that you can navigate through. What’s that, down there? A sorting hat! Looks like we’ll also be getting to choose our own houses (or factions, for you muggles)! In another screen, you get to choose your face type, skin and eye color, truly letting you immerse yourself by creating the inner-wizard in you. I’m baffled by what the claw, eye and Hogwarts icons on the left of the menu. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Like aforementioned, the leaked Harry Potter game features Hogwarts, but it also shows off some other locations. For instance, there are a few beasts you can try to pet in a forest-like setting, and ogre-ridden dungeons you can explore. Is it the Forbidden Forest? Or maybe just Hagrid’s backyard? Either way, it’s exciting. Players are required to attend some classes, much like in the game based off of The Prisoner of Azkaban. You’ll find that there are a list of usable spells pasted on the top-left portion of the screen. Speaking of classes, is that McGonagall teaching Transfiguration? If it is, this game just as well be a prequel to the mainline movies. We also get a glimpse of a Potions class. That could either be Snape, considering the person featured with his back showing has shoulder-length jet-black hair, or your customizable character.

leaked harry potter game


Just a reminder, Be Patient!!

Big project games are no stranger to being leaked, but it’s a well-known understanding that games that aren’t under the pressure of consumer demand tend to fare better than the alternative. Look at Final Fantasy XV, ten years into the announcement, and we get an incomplete mess with crucial plot holes. Not only that, but it’s riddled with ridiculous amounts of season passes. Point being, don’t pressure the developers to rush development. This leaked footage for a LEAKED HARRY POTTER GAME NONETHELESS is already a big mistake, considering how early in development it appears to be. The footage itself appears to be a draft for an actual trailer. I know that’s a stupid thing to ask for, but it’s the Harry Potter game we’ve ALL been waiting for. Can you blame me for trying?

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