How to Get Kensei Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

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kensei armor ghost of tsushima
Kensei Armor Stat Buffs

This visual + text guide covers how to get the Kensei Armor in Ghost of Tsushima. This armor is the first armor that was presented to audiences during the game’s first E3 presentation. It’s one that greatly benefits players that prefer the Ghost’s approach. When fully upgraded, it offers players high Resolve gains as well as Ghost weapon buffs. Additionally, Ghost weapons will apply strength and defense debuffs to enemies when hit. Kensei Armor unlocks after you do the first mission of Act 2.

How to Get Kensei Armor

We’ll start with a step-by-step flowchart and follow-up with details and images. Unlock Kensei armor by:

  1. Finishing the mission “New Horizons” in Act 2.
  2. Meet Yamato (who is on his knees and hands) at Umugi Cove.
  3. Listen to “The Six Blades of Kojiro” Tale.
  4. Hunt down and duel the five straw hat ronin (locations marked on map).
  5. Talk to the Musician again at Umugi Cove again.
  6. Head to the cave in Omi Monastery.
  7. Face Kojiro.

Visual Guide

kensei armor quest location
Umugi Cove map location

The five ronin locations are quite straightforward, though you may have trouble reaching “Duel Under Autumn Leaves” from Shimura Castle. We’d recommend fast travelling from a location South of the objective. Additionally, for “Duel Under the Falling Water” requires descending the mountain.

Look towards the waterfall, there will be a Sashimono Banner alongside footholds to descend
Source: GamerrZOMBIE on YouTube
sashimono banner locations
Proceed to climb down
Source: GamerrZOMBIE on YT

After you’ve done that, talk to Yamato and Umugi Cove again and then proceed to Omi Monastery, which is located directly north of Umugi Cove. If you fast travel to the east of the destination, you may accidentally take a dead end route if you climb the hills. In order to not take a lengthy reroute, find the waterfall and jump into the falls down below. You are now on the same level as the quest.

Map Location of Omi Moastery
kensei armor quest location
If you’re main plot focused, odds are you can only fast travel to the East of the Monastery. Climbing the hills is not the optimal route
omi monastery map location
Not to worry, instead of rerouting, find the waterfall and jump into the pool below. If you do reroute, you should look for a huge statue as your landmark.

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Ghost of Tsushima is a game that has innovated the traditional and conventional means of the HUD. Therefore, it can be a tad bit difficult to navigate and locate objectives.

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