Guinness World Records Broken By Twitch Streamer

by Sammy Chan
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The clip of JurassicJunkieLive and his manly scream has gone viral since it was first uploaded on July 21. He has broken the Guinness World Records for Most watched video on Twitch. JurassicJunkieLive went viral after his daughter walked into his room and terrified him. The clip has accumulated an insane amount of view – 2,111,932 times to be exact, on Twitch.

Most Viewed Twitch clip!

Prior to the clip going viral, JurassicJunkieLive only had around 100 followers on Twitch. After going viral, he now has 4000 followers. Jessica, his 2-year-old little girl, was bringing him a beverage. However, JurassicJunkieLive was unaware of her presence since he had his headphones on, freaked out on the live stream.

“I had no clue that she had entered the room and at the exact same moment she did, a crow flew out at me in the game and I jumped,” explained Tom. “While taking my eyes off the screen for a split second I noticed a small figure beside me and I screamed for my life only to find out it was my daughter bringing me a cool drink!”

JurassicJunkieLive a.k.a Tom Wheldon is still in a state disbelief for breaking the record. Fans and gamers alike sent him well-wishes on Twitter since the news of his achievement broke.

“Even after the event happened I didn’t expect anything much to come from it apart from I would share the footage with a few friends. When I was contacted by the Twitch staff and Guinness World Records it really set in that my video had become number one in the world.”


Image via Guinness World Records

Congratulations to you Tom Wheldon! You are proof that gamers can achieve greatness! Check out his channel here.

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