Identity V Call of the Abyss IV Explained!

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Identity V is having its annual Call of the Abyss IV event! Read on to find out more details and what rewards you can get!

What is the Call of the Abyss?

Firstly, we have to address the rather complicated question of what Call of the Abyss (CoA) actually is. CoA is a yearly event that is held, usually near the end of the year. It is a server-wide tournament and a global festivity that all players can participate in, regardless of skill level!

To participate, you need to have a team of players band together to form a Club. A Club can have 1~7 members. However, only the members with the top 5 most amount of points will count towards your final Club Score. The higher your final Club Score, the further your Club can go and the better your rewards!

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Amongst the rewards are Abyss Treasures, which can be opened just like Memory Spheres for exclusive cosmetic items. You can also purchase them with Inspiration Points (lightbulbs). If you don’t have enough Inspiration Points, you can always purchase more using Echoes!

Format Explanation

The official Call of the Abyss rules announcement page can be rather…intimidating. So we’re here to break it down for you in a way that’s easier to understand.

There are three major stages for Call of the Abyss. The first stage is the in-game tournament where anyone can compete within their region server. There are a total of four region servers: NA-EU, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the China server which consists of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Secondly, the top 8 Clubs from each server region will proceed to the online qualifiers. A Club can choose to decline the invitation, in which case their invitation will be extended to the next eligible Club. A live stream will cover the online qualifiers over two days.

Finally, the winners of each server region’s online qualifier, alongside the qualifying teams from Mainland China, will then proceed to the global offline tournament. There will be a total of 16 teams competing in the global offline tournament for the title of world champion!

Identity V Call of the Abyss IV Prize Pool

In-game screenshot showing the prize pool for Call of the Abyss IV

Hopefully, this article will give you a better understanding of the overall structure of the upcoming Call of the Abyss IV in Identity V.

We will update this article as time passes to give you the latest information about the Call of the Abyss tournaments in 2022. On top of that, we would also like to cover the exclusive cosmetics within the Abyss Treasures. Meanwhile, you can check up on the latest Identity V news here!

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