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In this article, we will cover as many maps as we can of all 24 maps in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 1. We will also include tips and tricks for each level or “rounds”. This guide will cover map shortcuts, tips unique to each level, and how to win in Fall Guys every time! Currently, the game is chaotically balanced in favor of giving everyone a fair chance of winning. However, it couldn’t hurt to have some strats for that competitive edge on how to win more often!

Fall Guys is a game that has its lucky moments. Sometimes you guess the right doors in Door Dash. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to not be targetted by the balls of Fall Mountain. Whatever the case, there are a lot of anomalies in play when trying to secure a win.

Anyways, on to the levels!
**This guide will be updated from time to time covering more maps and more tips on how to win in Fall Guys. If you have some tips you’d like to share, leave a comment on our YouTube gameplay video!


Race levels are pretty straight forward; cross the finish line in time to qualify for the next round! Here are some tips for Race rounds as well as how to keep your momentum going.

Dizzy Heights

fall guys guide

Pay attention to the direction the rotors are rotating! If you’re just looking to qualify, just keep moving alongside the direction of the rotors. You can launch yourself forward with the momentum, and even jump on the bouncy things if the positioning is in your favor. If you miss an opportunity to jump ahead, that’s fine! Running around in a circle or two is better than being slowed down by going against the rotor’s direction. You can also sabotage other players by holding them in place while you take cover behind the shelter.

Also, once you reach the clearing, MIND THE GAP!!

See Saw

See Saw is a level where race progression is limited to the crowd action. You’ll encounter many platforms that tilt to the side when players distribute their weight on it. Since it’s every man for itself, there isn’t much you can do except stay alive and not be sent to the beginning of the race. The jump window for the next platform can be very short depending on players, and very often it’s short. So don’t be too anxious about being stuck in one place for too long! It’s better to keep your position rather than being sent all the way back to the start.

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Be wary when jumping alongside crowds! You can be knocked out mid-jump. Additionally, if you’re in a slightly elevated position on the last platform, you can jump from the center-ish of the platform and dive to overcome the wall. đŸ˜‰

Door Dash

how to win in fall guys

This is a tricky one! This relies heavily on luck, but if you notice a lot of brave souls rushing forward, you can use that to your advantage! Maintain an ample distance behind the leading players and let them determine which doors are collapsible. The only drawback to this strategy is that if the leading cluster is lucky, you might be left behind and not qualify.

Tip Toe

There isn’t much that can be done about this one, except to risk it all when you reach the 3rd to last row from the finish line. You can actually skip an entire row by jumping and diving, so if you only have a single row between you and the finish line, skip the formalities and earn that W!

This also works if you’re three to four rows away! Make an intuitive guess while others are hesitating and secure a sure-fire winning tile position. If you’re on the fourth row from the finish line, successfully landing on the second row gives you a jump-dive win. If you’re on the third row, landing one row away lets you straight up walk to the finish line.

Slime Climb

The overwhelming pressure of having eliminating slime catch up to you can be nerve-wracking, but don’t fret. Despite popular belief, you actually do have time for a mistake or two. The qualifying numbers are rarely ever met, so it’s not really finishing first that should be your main concern; it’s finishing at all.

Slime Climb adopts a single elimination format, meaning once you touch the slime, it’s over. That being said, be sure you’re not overly calm and let the slime catch up to you. There are a few shortcuts you can use, however be warned, if you mess up the shortcut, it could be very costly.

The first one is near the pushing bars. Time yourself properly and jump on the bouncy pad to skip the first pusher entirely along with the second one if done correctly.

Another tip is to keep to right as much as you can when you reach the arrows. It’s a long fall down, so keeping as far away from the edge as possible is important to maintain position. Avoid the lateral poles as usual.

The Whirlygig

At the beginning of the level try to stand at the circumference of the circles if not the entire segment if possible. This way, if you accidentally knock-out, you’ll be swept forward out of the whirl portion of the level. You’ll also want to avoid the center portion of the segment as the bouncing structures might disrupt your progress.

Pay attention to the rotation of the sweepers. With luck, you’ll accidentally get swept all the way to the lead position.


Elims are matches that require players to survive as long as possible to qualify. Where races would encourage players to be quick and reckless, eliminations instill a sense of responsibility for players to be more careful.

Jump Club

fall guys elimination

This is one of the most Wipeout!-esque levels ever. The primary concern is to avoid getting knocked by either of the two arms moving at different speeds. While this is not difficult on it’s own, jumping along with a dense crowd of players may stun you and render your character immobile, being set up for imminent sweeping and hence, elimination.

Block Party

Block Party is rather easy but rampantly picks up in difficulty as you reach the end. The blocks become much more vision-limiting so you always have to be on your toes despite it appearing easy. Another thing is to always be wary of the floor sweepers as you can occasionally clip onto them and not be able to jump.


Team rounds divide the remaining player base into, well, teams. There can be 2-3 teams at a time, and the team with the lowest score at the end of the round has all their members eliminated. No gulag here, just immediate, often unsatisfying elimination.

Egg Scramble

While most would scramble to get as many eggs as they can from the center, it’s better to have a small recon unit stealing eggs from opposing teams’ basket. Target Golden Eggs, as they are worth five points and can be the deciding factor in a match.

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Prioritize the Golden Egg!!!

Remember, only the team with the lowest score gets eliminated. It’s best to just obliterate the hopes of the losing team by frequently stealing from their basket. If you’re on the losing team, consider dedicating yourself to robbing from the 2nd placing team to push them towards the last place instead.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock ‘n’ Roll has a very simple concept; get your ball to the goal and don’t be last. This might be an issue given the journey is filled with obstacles and bouncy objects that may obstruct progress. In this case, it may be better to have someone on your team block the progress of the teams to ensure your team isn’t last.

Will Continue to be Updated

For now, these are all the tips we can give on how to win in Fall Guys. We’ll be updating this tips and tricks list from time to time as we become more familiar with the game. That being said, for more on how to win in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, be sure to keep it here at SEAGM News!

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