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Just when we heard rumours of a PUBG Mobile 2, and then PUBG New State magically pops up out of nowhere. As crazy as it sounds, it’s real, and we’ve got a guide on how to pre register for PUBG New State for you below. Read on, and don’t miss out on this futuristic take of one of the world’s most beloved Battle Royale titles!

PUBG New State

Set 30 years in the future in the year 2051, PUBG New State is an all new mobile experience. There are new in game customization features being introduced:

  • Build your weapons via Customization Kits 
  • Add Performance Enhancements,
  • Fire mode selection 
  • Grenade Launcher Attachments

The trailer which showcased the game with a heavy Call of Duty-esque design received quite a response. But there’s no denying the futuristic approach that’s showcased here. The surroundings and the environment very much pointing towards a futuristic redesign of the PUBG Mobile that we’re so familiar with.

The new game boasts a few gameplay upgrades as well:

  • Improved graphics, 
  • With smoother gameplay
  • New map – Troi
  • Revamped Vehicles
  • New Tactical Equipment

PUBG New State is currently listed on Google’s Play Store with pre registrations open. Well show you how to pre register for PUBG New State below.

How to Pre Register for PUBG New State

  1. First, the users have to open the pre-registration page of PUBG: New State on the Google Play Store
  1. Hit the ‘Pre-register’ option (Not for users in India)
  1. Confirm registration
  1. Click on the ‘OK’ option. 
  1. Hit the “Install when available” button.

That’s it! It’s pretty easy. Now that we know it’s not “PUBG Mobile 2” as we thought. We hope this helps you if you were wondering how to pre register for PUBG New State. The only boring part is waiting for it to actually go live. Meantime get your Cheap PUBG Mobile UC from SEAGM while we wait for the next update? Or even better, check out February’s Razer Gold bonuses!

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