How to get lockpick – Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of those games where you do a lot of exploration and discover things along the way. It is implied in the job description for Lara since she is an Indiana Jones type archaeologist. As you go on exploring, you may come across certain treasure chests that require a lockpick to open. Here we will show you how to get the lockpick in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Where to find the lockpick?

Usually, you would think that such an important tool would be given or unlocked as you progress through the game. Even though you will be using the lockpick to unlock chest around the map, you don’t really need it to complete the main story. But if the archaeologist in you demands to loot all the chest in the map, then the lockpick is mandatory.
The lockpick will be unlocked once you reach the hidden city of Paititi. You obtain it by purchasing it from a merchant. Here’s the catch – she will only appear once you complete the side quest “Dice of the Dead”.
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Dice of the Dead side quest

In Paititi find Tikiy to start the quest. Tikiy will ask you to locate his dice which later lead you to seek out five outcasts around Paititi. The task is easy enough as they are all marked in a green circle on the map. Problem is, there are only four green circles shown. The fifth will appear once you find the other four. Coincidently, it turns out the fifth outcast is the merchant that sells the lockpick.


Screengrab via Shadow of the Tomb Raider

If you don’t have the bargaining skill, the lockpick will cost you 2800 gold. This is a one time purchase and you can use it as many times as you require.  If you don’t have enough gold to get it, you may visit her another time. Though be warned that she doesn’t stay at the same place and the worse part is, there is no marker for her on the map.

There you have it, the guide on how to get your very own lockpick. Now go get all those locked treasure chests.

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