How to get Candy fast in Dota Auto Chess

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Despite having chess in its name, Dota Auto Chess is anything but. Despite the heroes sharing the same abilities to their Dota 2 counterparts, it’s not Dota 2 either. Dota Auto Chess is a turn-based tactical strategy game and your units will duke it out against seven other players – automatically.

What is Dota Candy?

Candy is the currency players can earn for free while playing Dota Auto Chess. There’s a catch though – only the top three players in each match will receive Candy, as you can see via the image below.

Dota Auto Chess Scoreboard at the end of the game | Source: Screen capture

Despite being eligible for Candies, the value each time is randomized regardless of ranking. Sometimes you could get just one with the highest being 10. A player can only earn up to a maximum of 10 Candies daily. Since this is limited, a quicker alternative to get Candy is via Dota Auto Chess Candy prepaid cards.

Where to spend your Dota Candy?

Candies earned in the game can be spent at the Candy Store. Access the Candy Store by clicking the sixth button from the left on the top right of your screen in the game.

Clicking the Courier Collection button will take you to the Candy Store. | Source: Screen capture

Upon opening the store, players can then spend the Candies on random Courier Gacha. Spending 40 Candies in a go will grant a random courier. Unfortunately, there is always a chance of duplicates. Currently, there are 32 couriers in the game.

If luck and RNG isn’t your thing, you can always save those Candies and spend it on decoration. These are basically cosmetic effect for your couriers. They cost a whole lot more Candies, though. For example, the Wicked Flame effect costs 400 Candies. This, of course, is a confirmed purchase; meaning there’ll be no luck or RNG involve.

Dota Auto Chess Candy Store | Source: Screen capture

How to get Candy fast in Dota Auto Chess?

However, saving up to 400 Candies will literally take you 40 days since you can only earn 10 Candies per day. If you want to get stuff quickly, we suggest checking out SEA Gamer Mall’s selection of Dota Auto Chess prepaid cards. They offer up to three different denomination to choose from. Check them out here.

How to top up Dota Auto Chess prepaid cards?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the Candy Store via the top left button (refer to screenshot above if unsure)
  2. Enter the redemption code provided by SEAGM after purchase in the box on the top right of the Candy Store
  3. That’s it! The Candies will immediately be credited into your Dota Auto Chess account.

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