How to avoid hacker in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS:GO

by Sammy Chan
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CS: GO went free-to-play last year in December. Since then, the state of the game has been experiencing a drop in quality. The game hit the market seven years ago on August 21, 2012, with a price tag. Now that the tag is gone, this brought in a whole lot more players to the game. On December 7, 2018, the day CS: GO suddenly went free-to-play on top of adding a battle royale mode called Danger Zone, the game experienced the highest recorded concurrent players, almost reaching 750K.

DEAL: CS: GO Prime Status Upgrade Key -40%

Hacker’s playground

If you’re an active CS: GO player, encountering hackers are pretty much a common occurrence by now. Ever since the game went free-to-play, players from different range are it casual or hardcore have been flocking to it. This, unfortunately, means there’s no longer a paywall to keep “certain” people out.

Predictably, this decision did not resonate well with the existing player base and they’re pretty vocal about their displeasure. Last year, CS: GO’s Steam page got review bombed pretty badly when it went free-to-play. Their concerns are, sadly, coming true and getting worse. These are just some the common hacks you would encounter in your match:

Aimbots / Triggerbots: Aimbots are used to help hackers snap onto a target for an extreme advantage in accuracy. Triggerbots, on the other hand, will start shooting the moment your crosshair hover over a target.

Wall hacks: This is a no brainer – it lets them attack and see you through the wall as if you’re playing in spectator mode.

Mobility hack: These are pretty rare these days but basically lets you walk through walls and object. Also includes teleportation.

There probably some other hacks out there but these are the more common ones. At any rate, hackers remove fairness and fun from any games. Cheating just spoils the fun for everyone else besides the cheater. Take a look at some of the players feedback:

A little salty but still funny (Source: Screenshot via Steam)
Free game = open gate for anyone (Source: Screenshot via Steam)
Get Prime Status! (Source: Screenshot via Steam)

This one’s a bit unrelated but it gave me a chuckle so I want to share –

With that amount of recorded hours, who can blame her? (Source: Screenshot via Steam)

How to avoid hackers in CS: GO

So what *can* you do to avoid these fun-ruining buggers? Well, for one, as stated by picture number two above, you can get CS: GO Prime Status. Prior to the game going free-to-play, the only way to obtain Prime Status was by verifying your mobile number in your account upon reaching rank 21. Players who bought the game before the change will get their account upgraded for free. But, if you’re playing the game after it went free-to-play, you might want to consider getting Prime Status. Why? Check out these benefits:

  • Play match with only other Prime Status players.
  • Access to Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.

Most important here, is the first bit. Being able to play with Prime players only will significantly reduce the chance of running into hackers. Playing a fair match is all we want after a long day at work, no?

Where to get CS: GO Prime Status Upgrade Key?

You can purchase this in the Steam store via the CS: GO page for $14.99 / MYR 63. Or, you can save money and get it from SEA Gamer Mall for -40%! That equates to $8.99 / MYR 37.15! The keys on the site, though, are only available for countries in Asia so bear in mind before purchase.

Alternatively, you can purchase Steam Wallet and buy Prime Status with that as well through Steam. SEAGM has codes for all region.

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