Horror Games That Made Me S**t Myself

by Yong Chi Winn
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October is here, which means the time of the year for horror games and spookfest has arrived and I’m really excited for what’s to come! I’m no stranger to horror games and one thing is for sure, I have had my share of pants-wetting experiences. Here, I’ve compiled a list of games that have made me sh*t my pants… literally.

Dead Space

Recently, Dead Space released a new gameplay trailer about their remake and it looks pretty solid (though, I kinda hope game developers would minimize on remaking games and coming up with new titles and storylines).

Anyways, when I first played Dead Space, it scared the living daylights out of me. If you don’t know anything about Dead Space, it’s a not a pure horror game about ghosts and demons, but it’s like an Alien video game. It has a compelling storyline as well as intense action sequences. But, the winner for the game was definitely its iconic atmospheric qualities that make you jump unexpectedly. Some moments crawl under your skin and you can’t help but to grip on tight to your seats. To date, Dead Space remains one of the best third-person sci-fi survival horror, and one of the earliest sci-fi horror games I have enjoyed wetting myself.

Can’t wait for their remake tbh.

Check out the trailer for Dead Space remake here:


If you have friends that enjoy a good scare, chances are you’ve heard of Phasmophobia (Phasmo for short). It’s not your usual survival horror game that most horror games are, but it is an investigative horror game. Think Among Us with better graphics and terrifying jump scares.

Phasmophobia is about a group of ghost hunters investigating various locations to find evidence of the existence of ghosts. Though the game’s graphics are not as high quality as Resident Evil, it’s still one that would make you scream when you least expect it.

Check out our Phasmophobia gameplay highlight.

Alien Isolation

In space, no one can hear you scream.

As a fan of the Alien franchise, Alien Isolation definitely traumatised me. It’s a sci-fi survival horror game that stuck to its roots. There were moments when the Xenomorphs jumped out of nowhere, and even though there are moments when you were expecting it, it’ll still scare you. In summary, you don’t have to be a fan of the Aliens franchise to enjoy this game. It is a classic on its own.

Resident Evil

Need we say more?

Resident Evil is one of the most popular video game series of all time and is well deserved. Apart from Chris “Boulder Punchin” in Resident Evil 5 (though, many would argue that it was the best RE in the entire franchise), Resident Evil is still one of the series that has never failed to impress me.

However, the RE7 Biohazard and RE8 Village seal the deal for me as the scariest Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 7 when Mia goes crazy and starts coming at you with a chainsaw, my goodness was that scary. I couldn’t even move the analogue sticks to get away, and yeah… I needed a fresh pair of pants after that scene. For Resident Evil  7, the entire game felt like you’re in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre set, and it’s fantastic! In Resident Evil Village, the storyline and how the plot twist came full circle were just beautiful to see.

The concept of going through 4 bosses, each with their own domain before fighting the final boss, Mother Miranda. It was great storytelling in my opinion, and one of the best video game plots of the year. But I have to admit, some of the dialogues could have been done better.

Check out the trailer here:

Overall, if you want to play Resident Evil but are not too sure which one you should play, I’d recommend for you start with Resident Evil 7 and work your way to Village. The reason is, Resident Evil 7 starts with a new protagonist, Ethan Winters and you find out the origin of how the zombies were created.


I know, I know… is Roblox really that scary?

Well, you may question my scare-o-meter but 8/10 of you may find games in Roblox, like Dead Silence to be one of the games that makes you s#!t your pants. In Dead Silence, you and your friends play together to investigate the mystery of Mary S.

dead silence roblox scary

Apart from Dead Silence, there are many other horror games that are mad scary. Here’s a list of games from Roblox that I enjoyed:

Llyod Residence


Alone in the Dark House

The Mimic

Honorable Mentions

Dead By Daylight

If you enjoy playing survival horror games with a group of friends then you might want to also check out Dead by Daylight. The game is designed to be similar to a slasher film where there will be 4 victims or survivors and 1 killer. So, to win, the survivor team has to complete the given tasks and escape the killer. It’s similar to how the last person in a horror/slasher movie survives.

The reason why Dead by Daylight is great is that in a way, it’s like the Horror version of Fortnite where there are tons of themes and horror franchises that you can choose from. From Scream to Resident Evil to even Sadako, if you’re a fan of horror movies, this is one game that you should check out with your friends. Whether it’s scary or not… it is alright. It has its moments, but it’s not necessarily scary like the ones I mentioned above.

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