Hammond the Wrecking Ball is the new Overwatch hero

by Sammy Chan
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Several hours ago, Overwatch just revealed it’s 28th hero! Do not let its cutesy look fool you, because this hero can pack quite a punch as a tank! Hammond the Wrecking Ball was one of the many experiments performed at the Horizon Lunar Colony. When some of the experimented gorillas rose up and took control, Hammond secretly hitched a ride on Winston’s craft using his makeshift escape pod.
His pod broke off the craft and he landed on the Australian Outback. Hammond then modified his escape pod into a battle mech, participated in Scrapyard’s battle arena to become its champion. Using his winnings to upgrade his mech, he is capable of handling himself in the Outback.

Wrecking Ball’s Abilities

Quad Cannons

Automatic assault weapons, primary attack of Wrecking Ball. Machine guns on both sides of the mech.


Mech transforms into a (hamster)ball. Wrecking Ball gains movement speed.

Grappling Claw

Launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the battlefield. Roll mode will be automatically deployed and the mech gains mobility.

Adaptive Shield

Creates a personal shield around the mech. Wrecking Ball gets additional 100 shields for every enemy nearby. Lasts 7 seconds.


While in the air, Hammond can slam the grounds below to launch enemies upwards.


Wrecking Ball’s ultimate. Deploying a field of floating mines around him and will explode when enemies come into contact. Enemies can destroy the mines.
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What do you think of Overwatch’s new hero so far? Hammond is playable on Overwatch PTR right now so go give it a spin. It seems that fully mastering the mobility of Wrecking Ball could take some time but once you do, you can be a deadly ball of doom.

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