'The Witcher' Author demands 60-million Polish Zlotys

by Sammy Chan
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October is no stranger to spooky business. While this piece of news may not be horrifying, anyone would be spooked if their partner suddenly asked for a raise or a higher pay after already settling on an agreement. That was the case when The Witcher novel author, Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski, had his representatives send a letter to CD Projekt demanding more royalties. Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski in fact put in a claim of a whopping 60,000,000 Polish Zlotys (17,000,000 USD). The company quickly responded a day later to the demands, which came in on October 1.

You can read the letter of demand here.  If you’d like the condensed form, it is basically Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski representatives stating that a 5-15% profit is not sufficient. They also mentioned that Article 44 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights would be in their favour, among other laws.


The company said that the demands made were “groundless”, however they do not show any outright denial to entertaining the author’s demands. This is due to “the Company’s will to maintain good relations with authors of works which have inspired CD PROJEKT RED’s own creations.” They will go into further discussions with their board to discuss possible ways forward with dealing with the situation.

The Witcher in other media.

The success of the The Witcher series is currently exponentially increasing. Originally it was by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, is a fantasy series of short stories and novels about the witcher Geralt of Rivia. In Sapkowski’s books, “witchers” are monster hunters who develop supernatural abilities at a young age to battle deadly beasts. This franchise would soon be adapted into other media, most notably the gaming hit “The Witcher” series. The CD Projekt adaption currently has three main installments with several expansions. It even spawned it’s own trading card game, Gwent. Additionally, Superman star Henry Cavill is to play Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Witcher Netflix series.

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