Since 2007, SEA Gamer Mall has committed to be one of the best gaming shopping site in Southeast Asia. As our business grows and continue to grow, we are now aiming for to be the best in the industry globally. All these are impossible without the continuous support from our customers.

We are happy to announce that from this week onwards, we will be announcing weekly giveaway event for all of our customers and fans to participate.

For our very first giveaway event, we are going to give away two DOTA 2 Microplush Blindbox.

[label variation=”label-warning”]GIVEAWAY PRIZES[/label]

[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″] 2 x DOTA 2 Microplush Blindbox (INCLUDES: one (1) unlocks of the Lockless Luckbox in-game game codes!)


[label variation=”label-warning”]GIVEAWAY RULES[/label]

[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″]  1. Register as SEAGM Member

[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″]  2. Like us on Facebook  (SEA Gamer Mall)

Feel free to introduce your friends to the giveway by SHARING it.

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[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″]  3. What do you like most about SEA Gamer Mall and why? (leave your answer in the comment section below)


[label variation=”label-warning”]GIVEAWAY SCHEDULE[/label] 

[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″] Monday 16th December – 1 x DOTA 2 Microplush Blindbox

[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″] Friday 20th December – 1 x DOTA 2 Microplush Blindbox


[label variation=”label-warning”]GIVEAWAY WINNERS[/label] 

[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″] Monday 16th December = Mygod Oh

[icons icon=”icon-right” color=”#ff8300″ size=”25″] Friday 20th December = Ken Liew

DOTA 2 Microplush Blindbox Dolls


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