Get 5 Free Overwatch Lootboxes Now!

by Sammy Chan
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Attention all Overwatch players! If you’re taking a break from Overwatch, now’s the perfect time to go off hiatus. Why? Blizzard is enticing us back into the game with promises of free gifts. In fact, five free Overwatch loot boxes are up for grabs. If you’ve logged into the game sometime this December, you’ll have noticed that we all get one free loot box at the start of the Winter Wonderland event.
Now, towards the end of the event, Blizzard is feeling quite happy with their player base. If you’ve kept up with the Game Awards, you might have noticed that Overwatch won for Best Ongoing Game AND Best Esports Game. So, to celebrate the game’s success, Blizzard has given each account 5 free loot boxes. And, it’s not just any old loot box– they are Winter Wonderland loot boxes.
So the items you’ll have a chance of getting in these event loot boxes include the old Winter Wonderland skins from 2016 and the new ones in 2017.

Things You Can Get From Winter Wonderland Lootboxes:

2016 Skins:

  1. Andes Lucio
  2. Scrooge McCree
  3. Frostbite Pharah
  4. Shiver Reaper
  5. Rudolph Roadhog
  6. Peppermint Sombra
  7. Frosted Zarya
  8. Mei-rry Mei
  9. Nutcracker Zenyatta
  10. Santaclad Torbjorn
  11. Jingle Tracer
  12. Yeti Winston

2016 Emotes:

  1. Hat Trick (McCree)
  2. Snowman (Mei)
  3. Mystery Gift (Zarya)

2017 Skins:

  1. Snow Owl Ana
  2. Avalanche Bastion
  3. Casual Hanzo
  4. Beachrat Junkrat
  5. Ice Fisherman Roadhog
  6. Alpine: 76
  7. Rime Sombra

2017 Emote:

  1. Puppy (Orisa)

And this isn’t even the full list of goodies. There are victory poses, festive voice lines, adorable sprays and player icons too! Even if you don’t end up getting the stuff you wanted, you can buy them in-game credits and it would still cost you nothing.
Another way of getting free loot boxes is by playing Arcade Game Modes. This year’s new brawl, Mei’s Yeti Hunter pits 5 Mei players against one Yeti Winston. If you haven’t tried it out, I highly recommend it.
If you really, really want to. You can also buy these loot boxes for about $1 each. It’s also cheaper to buy it in bulk (if you really need that skin).

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