Future Kings – ULoL Campus Series Champions

by Sammy Chan
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First United States League of Legends Varsity Champions

The uLoL campus series championship comes to an end and the trophy returns to the States with a convincing victory from the side of Maryville University (MU) and a well-fought series by their opponents, University of Toronto (UOT). According to analyst Aidan ‘Zirene’ Moon, MU has consistently demonstrated their mechanical prowess over lane opponents, each member playing aggressively and to some critiques– recklessly. However, their team synergy has been put into question, this affecting their macro plays and control over objectives to help them close games.
Whereas, on the side of UOT, analysts have noted their cohesion as a team, being able make snap decisions and then execute as a single unit. What they lacked in individual mechanical gameplay, they made up for in the mid-to late game teamfighting phase.
Alas, MU’s dominating laning phases nurtured too great a lead for UOT to counter as a team. Not with MU’s top-laner, Saskio’s performance on emote-spam Kled and powerful synergy from bottom lane. To top it off, MU’s jungler, Walrus ended all UOT’s hope of making a comeback in the series with a Pentakill on his 10/2/4 Nidalee– a flashy finish for an explosive team.
Check out Walrus’s wicked Pentakill:

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