Think Fast, Be Bold! – Gigantic Review

by Sammy Chan
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Looking for a free game to try out? This week in Free to Play we introduce to you, Gigantic, a multiplayer online battle arena game. With a mix of third-person shooter and hero based element, at a glance, this game will remind you of Overwatch. However, do not let that impression of resemblance deter you from giving it a try. According to director Chris Chung, Gigantic was never meant to compete with games like Overwatch. The inspirations derived completely from two different genres.

What Is Gigantic?

In Gigantic, you and your team of five will go against the opposing team and battle it out on the arena. You either get put into House Aurion or House Devaedra, each house has their very own unique guardian. House Aurion is guarded by Leiran while House Devaedra is guarded by Grenn. As players, you’re tasked with powering up your respective guardian so they can go on a Rampage and take down the opposing guardian. The game ends when you take down the enemy’s guardian and vice versa.
The game brings about a fresh perspective to MOBA games, removing meta elements such as last hitting minions and towers. Instead, the game introduces a fast pace gameplay where you’re tasked with summoning creatures. These creatures have their own unique abilities to aid you in turning the tide of the battle. Since the game is fairly new, there isn’t any “meta” to tie you down to a single play style. Subsequently, the game also introduces an in-game skill branch system where you can level your hero up to focus on different gameplay so every gameplay would be unique.
Instead of us going on about it, we’ve made a video to show you our first impression of the gameplay instead!

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