Fortnite addiction fuels over 200 divorces in the UK

by Sammy Chan
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Fortnite addiction is apparently becoming an issue in the UK. According to DivorceOnline, a UK divorce site, more than 200 couples filed for divorce this year due to gaming addiction. Fornite addiction played a vital role in the scenario.
Initially, branded as a PvE game, Fortnite Save the World came out last year in 2017. This version of the game didn’t do so well, however. Epic Games, later on, released a new Battle Royale mode that “resuscitated” the game. During the time, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG was on the rise. Despite the saturation of said genre in gaming, the popularity of Fortnite shows no signs of decline.

Was the victory royale worth it?

DivorceOnline reported that these Fortnite-fused divorced made up five perfect of the 4,665 petitions that have been filed since the beginning of 2018. With them being one of the largest filers of divorce in the UK, these five percent makes a pretty good indicator.
Plus, this is solely in the UK. Imagine taking in the counts of divorces potentially caused by Fortnite in the United States. Yikes. What about the rest of the world? Double yikes.
Besides being the cause of divorce in the UK, Fortnite addiction has become quite apparent as it’s starting to influence other things as well. Porn, in particular. The search for Fornite porn in on the rise on Pornhub. Are people out there really looking to get off on some Slurp Juice action?

Gaming addiction as a disorder

Despite gamers disagreeing with the World Health Organization in branding gaming addiction as a disorder, the rise in Fortnite related cases truly makes it an uphill battle. A few weeks ago, a boy from Australia reported headbutted his mother when she tried confiscating the boy’s PlayStation 4. Leaving his room to only eat or use the bathroom, the mother tried to take matters into her own hands to stop the boy from playing even more Fortnite. Said action then resulted in her getting headbutted and subsequently receiving a concussion. Three days ago, another boy broke his arm while attempting to copy jumping out of the bus in Fortnite. Harrison Day, four years old, jumped off a slide with an umbrella.
Maybe Fortnite addiction is real but is it really the game’s fault or is it just bad parenting? Do you agree with gaming addiction being a disorder? All in all, all we ask for is no more Battle Royale in future games.

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