Farcry 5 – The Cult Looms Upon Us

by Sammy Chan
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Following The Farcry 5 Trailer

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Trust. Pray. Obey.
These three words sends chills foreshadowing the storyline of the upcoming Farcry 5.
Following the release of the latest announcement trailer, we, the impatient community are given a glimpse of the new storyline that seems to revolve around a place called ‘Hope County’. And contrary to its name, there is anything but hope for the people of the county as they are ruled by the exciting and new antagonist of the Farcry series– Joseph Seed — otherwise known as ‘The Father’ and the man narrating the trailer.
Given the disappointing storyline in the preceding title, fan are hoping this dark, and grimly realistic introduction of the plot connotes something deeper and more powerful in the Farcry 5 story.
In this title, it appears you’ll be going against a cult gone military under the brainwashing of the sinister Preacher Seed and his henchmen. The trailer revealed the player’s potential comrades and new modes of transports on a classic American rural terrain. With vast open spaces of the new world, Farcry 5 seems to be adding planes into the gameplay for the first time, opening up new angles for players to approach missions.
It’s safe to assume Farcry 5 will be bringing back the multiplayer system, judging by the positive reception by the community. The gameplay of Farcry 4 was, admittedly, a little buggy, however there was a vastness to the world in not only the map sizes but also the range of weapons and different ways players tackle the mission.
Now, as the game expands and– hopefully– Ubisoft looking to outdo themselves for the next title, fans are looking forward to the introduction of new weapons and gameplay elements that make this Farcry better than the last one.
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