Employee Spotlight: Meet Jane Chieng

by Raymond Foo
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The time has come to meet the new SEAGM leaders. And today, the spotlight is shining on Chieng Kai Hsin, also known as Jane, our new Vice President for Operations. Jane’s expertise and commitment have notably impacted SEAGM’s success through the years. Get a glimpse of what she thinks about working at SEAGM.

Q. Tell us about yourself; what do you usually enjoy doing during your free time?

A. I am a working mom. When I’m not working, most of my free time goes to my children and doing house chores.

Q. How and when did you start your career with SEAGM?

A. I learned about SEAGM through a friend and decided to join the company. I started my career with SEAGM in 2010. I was a part of the Customer Support team back then.

Q. What do you look forward to the most about working here?

A. Learning different skills and knowledge. I believe that SEAGM is an organization that values learning and development of its employees which is an integral part of our core values to be adaptable to growth and step outside of our comfort zones.

Q. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned since you started working here?

A. Since starting at SEAGM, I have gained valuable knowledge about the industry and the operation of an ecommerce business. I have learned about the various products and services offered by SEAGM and how they meet the needs of customers globally. This understanding has allowed me to contribute to the growth and success of the company.

However, the most interesting thing I have learned is about staff management skills. As a leader at SEAGM, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop this skill. While there may not be exact ways to manage people, I have learned the ones that work well within my team.

Understanding the needs and motivations of each team member and adapting my leadership style to suit them has been a rewarding experience. I am constantly learning and improving my management skills, and I believe that this will continue to benefit the team and the company in the future.

Jane (second from the left) with her colleagues from SEAGM HQ in Sitiawan.

Q. What do you think is your biggest achievement so far, working at SEAGM?

A. My biggest achievement at SEAGM has been building and coaching a team from 2 to 12 members while streamlining processes to ensure that the team operates on autopilot. I led the team to exceed expectations during peak sales in 2020 while adapting to the challenges of the pandemic. I ensured each team member had clear roles and responsibilities and implemented continuous learning and development. Through effective communication and collaboration, the team’s performance and productivity improved, resulting in positive results for the company.

Q. If you would describe yourself as a leader, what would it be?

A. I’m the type of leader who has a firm belief in her principles and cares about her team. I make sure that I make myself available, especially when they need my help and guidance.

Q. What is your vision for your team in the next few years?

A. Honestly, I just want my team to always do their best. There’s no job too small. No matter what position you hold at work, you provide great value to the organization and that’s what’s important.

Jane believes in the capacity and skills of her team. She is truly a role model as she impressively balances her work with her family time. We are indeed looking forward to many more years of working with Jane!

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