[ENG] Free Fire Elite Pass Season 46 Copper Prodigies : Skins and Rewards

by Patrick Mark
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Free Fire always had a good sense in releasing fashionable skins, and this brand NEW Elite Pass proves why.

Presenting to you the Elite Pass Season 46 Copper Prodigies is now available from TUESDAY 1st March to THURSDAY 31st March

This steampunk inspired theme is looking really clean that would actually get you in the mood for some tinkering.

Just like other Elite Passes , users can obtain THREE (3) variations;

  • Free Pass (FREE)
  • Elite Pass (500 Diamonds)
  • Elite Bundle (900 Diamonds)

Besides that, Free Pass as always will be accessible to ALL users.

Additionally, players have the option to purchase the Elite Pass with Diamonds in 2 ways.

With the purchase of  the Elite Pass, users will unlock the following:-

  • Unlock access to all Elite Rewards ( worth more than 10,000 diamonds)
  • able to earn more badges through Elite Challenges
  • Have daily gold limit increase by 100
  • Exclusive badge shown on nickname in kill notifications

Along with the Elite Bundle, players enjoy the perks and benefits of the Elite Pass, in addition to :-

  • Includes all Elite Pass privileges, plus FIFTY (50) additional badges
  • Instantly claim amazing rewards!

Mechanicia Bronze Bundle

Mechanician Brass Bundle



In order for users to raise badges of the Elite Pass and obtain more rewards, the rule of thumb is to complete as many elite challenges as possible. Users can do so by completing these challenges daily which is refreshed every day or weekly where new challenges will be rotated every week.

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