E3 2017 | PlayStation’s Showcase summary

by Sammy Chan
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Great stage presentation to top off the line up of games

The PlayStation’s showcase is a wrap! The stage presentation was amazing, with various lighting and sound effects catering to the game being show. They even had actual people hanging upside down from the ceiling acting like zombies when Days Gone were shown. To top if all off, the selection of games were just amazing.
Sadly, there was no news regarding the Last of Us 2 or even Death Stranding. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, sadface. In the pre-show however, PlayStation focused a lot more on social games such as Hidden Agenda and This Is You! They started off the show with a look at Crash Bandicoot followed by a trailer for Ni No Kuni 2 on top of Gran Turismo Sport and Knack 2. Oh! And Undertale is coming to PlayStation 4 🙂
Here’s a list of all the games shown during the media showcase:

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Join Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross as they venture deep into Western Ghat to find a lost Indian artifact as they face the Asav tribe in the lost cities of Hoysala Empire.

Horizon Zero Dawn : The Frozen Wilds

In this DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, venture into the Frozen Wilds and face the Beast. The game is set for release later this year.

Days Gone

The gameplay footage featured some Quick Time Actions with some aspect of stealth and ended with a badass zombie bear ready to pounce.

Monster Hunter World

The game is set to come out early next year though with no solid date yet but the gameplay sure looks promising, showcasing the hunter tracking down a giant dinosaur.

Shadow of the Colossus

The PlayStation classic gets a stunning remake and it looks amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on this next year.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Story Demo is out for download now in the PS Store! Also, cute interaction at the end between Dante and Rocket Raccoon

Call of Duty WW II

Super intense cinematic gameplay featuring multiplayer mode. The game comes out November 3.

Skyrim VR

Dear Bethesda, Elder Scrolls VI already please?

Star Child VR

Atmospherically astounding, this game looks really pretty.

The Inpatient VR

Nothing more horrifying than being virtually bound in an insane asylum.

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep VR

Go VR fishing with Noctis and the gang later this year to wrangle with some crazy looking fishes.

Bravo Team VR

A shooter game – in virtual reality!

Moss VR

Play as a cute little mouse, solve puzzles and fight dungeon monsters in a beautiful jungle.

God of War

No surprise that the crowd went wild for this one. Journey with Kratos and his son to a new land. Seems like Kratos Jr. has a thing for Old Gods language based on the trailer. This game will be coming to you early 2018.

Detroit Become Human

Lead an android revolution in Detroit as Markus. Craft your own story and choose to either be violent or a pacifist but either way, know that your choices will impact the world.

Destiny 2

Play on PlayStation to experience exclusive content such as Exclusive Strike Lake of Shadows, Exclusive Gear, Exclusive Weapon Borealis and Exclusive PVP Map Retribution. Game comes out September 6.


The showcase concluded with Spiderman, a console exclusive, chasing down bad guys on a construction site. The video showcased a seamless integration of cinematic into gameplay on top of weaving in Quick Time Events and a sneak peak at Miles Morales.

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