Drakensang Online will blow you away.

Enter this world and begin your Hero adventure throughout the regions of Duria. Experience stunning 3D graphics and effects as you navigate the complex world of terror. Come across dangerous creatures and learn to harness your character’s unique skills and talents in a seemingly never-ending battle for freedom. This free-to-play, no download required online browser game guarantees endless hours of solid gameplay.

Kill fearless enemies.
From nasty witches and huge swamp monsters, cultists and high priestesses, to soul corrupters and iron creepers, your fight is just starting. The vengeful Dragon, ready to rise from the Anderworld, wages war in this legendary game. To seek revenge, that is their ultimate goal. Traverse the treacherous paths and unleash their wrath in a no-holds barred, fight ’til death journey to freedom.

The Dragonknight

Brandish your sword, be part of this clan of mighty proud fighters known throughout the lands as dangerously deadly mercenaries. Embrace fear and danger and get on the frontline. The command is yours.




Play Drakensang Online FX now >> http://bit.ly/1ajutxz

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