Dragon Nest DNapp

World No.1 action RPG game Dragon Nest has launch mobile App for Dragon Nest players. With DN App, you can talk with friends, receive emails, set skill points and view trading inquiry.

Currently Dragon Nest DNApp only works for Dragon Nest Korea and Dragon Nest Thai.

Download Dragon Nest DNApp on Google Play

Dragon Nest DNApp features lists are:

  1. Talk section allows you to exchange messages with your friends and guild members on mobile, you can also check connected Friends List.
  2. Then the trading market can give you the items on Trade Market in real time and trading inquirycan help you check out the weekly popular items and the highest price items. So there’s no need for crowds to gather at the gate of the market in the game.
  3. What’s more, your character infor and skill simulator can be found and set in DN app. You can achange and save your skill points or reset the points. One easy click helps you check the Crest, Equipped Armor/Weapons, and Possessed Gold.
DNApp tutorial (in Korean) video:


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