DOTA 2 HeroClix The Dire Set Box

Millions of DOTA fans should be very interested when Wizkids announced the availability of DOTA 2 HeroClix the Dire Starter Set last week.

DOTA 2 Fans in Malaysia can start pre-order for DOTA 2 HeroClix The Dire Starter Set from SEA Gamer Mall.

DOTA 2 HeroClix The Dire Set Figures

The DOTA 2 HeroClix: The Dire Starter Set features five characters from the immensely popular multiplayer online battle arena game from Valve: the LichWitch DoctorTidehunterRazor and Faceless Void!


This DOTA 2 HeroClix set includes everything fans have come to expect: figures, character cards, the HeroClix Core Rule Book, the HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), and tokens as well as 3′ x 3′ map (!) detailing iconic scenery and landmarks from DOTA 2! Add to those, it comes with a digital unlock which players could redeemed an Tidehunter Blink Dagger which currently is selling at around USD45 in the DOTA 2 markets.



Here’s the sneak peak of the Witch Doctor Figure:

Witch Doctor Figure Sneak Peak

The Witch Doctor’s dial may look a little sparse, but this guy has certainly got some potent tricks up his (non-existent) sleeves!

Firstly, the Witch Doctor begins play with Incapacitate and his Maledict special power. Maledict grants the Witch Doctor the use of Outwit, but only to counter defense powers. However, after the action resolves the Witch Doctor allows you to roll one die and if the result is a 4-6, the targeted character is dealt one unavoidable damage!

If that wasn’t enough to needle your opponent’s figures, on the Witch Doctor’s second click the Voodoo Restoration special power appears and is present throughout the rest of the Witch Doctor’s dial. Voodoo Restoration allows the Witch Doctor to use Regeneration and if that weren’t bad enough for the other team, any adjacent friendly figures are also healed the same number of clicks as the Witch Doctor when he uses Regeneration!

At 100 points, the Witch Doctor is a significant portion of a standard-sized HeroClix force, but if used correctly he will ensure that the rest of your force stays viable into the late game while dealing some potentially free damage of his own thanks to Maledict! The Mystical keyword allows for some easy thematic team building with the Witch Doctor.

And if you happen to play the Witch Doctor in an Epic game (400 points or more), don’t overlook his Death Ward Epic Ability! Death Ward gives the Witch Doctor the potential to attack the same target over and over and over again (until he misses) and deal some hearty damage to his target as well. Just have some Perplex and Probability Control handy to maximize the effect!


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