A week ago, Dota 2 official forum was hacked that lead to almost 2 million user data (username, email, full name and password) leaked. To be exact 1,923,972 user data was hacked.

We at SEA Gamer Mall and some other gaming related sites that we know can confirm that this hack is true because for the first time we experienced large volume of automated bots login attempts using emails that were not registered on our system. Some emails managed to login which indicates that many out of the nearly 2 million users on Dota 2 forums are using the same email and password as the logins for many sites. This is bad practice.

So, if you were Dota 2 official forum (http://dev.dota2.com) user, please do two things:

  1. Change your Dota 2 official forum password immediate.
  2. Change password all other website and app login as well as email if you are using the same email and password.


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