Devil May Cry 5 release date potentially leaked by supplier

by Sammy Chan
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A listing revealing Devil May Cry 5 release date showed up recently on a UK supplier website, This website is a dedicated to supplying Blu-Rays, DVDs and other entertainment media located in Oxford, England. The website lists Devil May Cry 5 for £49.99, claiming to give pre-orderers £10 off the RRP of £59.99. Unlike the Canadian Walmart Leak last month, this listing seems more credible as a release date and price are provided. DMC5 is supposed to arrive on PlayStation 4 March 3, 2019. Seeing as Capcom hasn’t included any DMC in their E3 lineup, it’s not impossible that DMC5 will be a part of Sony’s press conference.
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It’s been a decade!!

Devil May Cry 4 opened to overwhelmingly positive reception by PS3, XBox 360 and PC players way back in 2008. It quickly became a Capcom must-buy title due to its fluid combat and sassy, over the top characters. In 2013, however, Devil May Cry as a reboot has the fanbase in a divide. Failing to prove itself, fans have been demanding a direct sequel to the original games instead.
Rumors of a sequel to the 2008 hit have been in circulation for a long time. Even as early as 2013’s DmC‘s shaky and commercially disappointing release. With the recent, and relatively successful release of DMC 4 Special Edition and the DMC HD Collection, it’s highly likely fans will finally get to relieve that 10-year-old itch.

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